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Vicki Armitage, Choir President: (801) 556-2487

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Frequently asked questions about The Salt Lake Symphonic Choir:

Do you have to be a professional singer to be a member?
No! We are proud to have singers of all levels and abilities among our ranks.

When and where does the choir rehearse?
The SLSChoir rehearses on Wednesday nights from 7:00-9:00 p.m.
Rehearsals are currently held at the Parley's LDS Stake Center (1870 Parleys Canyon Blvd, SLC).

What if I cannot attend every rehearsal?
We understand that attending every rehearsal is not possible for everyone and do allow for some absences/tardies. Choir members are expected to maintain a 75% attendance record for weekly rehearsals. 

How often does The Salt Lake Symphonic Choir perform?
We currently perform two concerts twice a year, at Christmastime and again in the spring. The choir has performed more in the past and has even travelled nationally and internationally. Travel, if planned, is not required. The choir also occasionally does a caroling type of performance during the holidays. This Christmastime, we will be giving a special charity concert at Shriner's Hospital. 

Does the choir rehearse year round?
No. We take a break from June-August.

Do members have to be affiliated with a specific denomination?
No. We proudly welcome members of all faiths. 

Do members have any financial obligation to the choir?

Yes, choir members pay yearly dues, which are determined by the SLSChoir Board of Directors. They must also purchase their performance wardrobe and sell a certain number of tickets for the annual spring concert series. 

How does one become a member of The Salt Lake Symphonic Choir?
Auditions are typically held twice a year. The process is quite simple. If you are interested in auditioning for The Salt Lake Symphonic Choir, please contact the choir's Executive Secretary via e-mail at Slschoir.auditions@yahoo.comMore information, along with access to our audition form, is available on on the Auditions Page.